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Windows Driver Manager VS. NPort Administration Suite

- Windows Driver Manager

This Software is usable for a wider product range than the Administrator, it can open COM Ports for example for NPort, UPort, Oncell device etc. But it is limited in that it only does few functions, like already mentioned open COM Ports, upload/download config files, find devices in the network using broadcast search. Most configuration of the devices has to be done on the Web-Console of the devices.

--> At the moment, this product is better maintained for the actualised Windows products. Meaning, it works better.

- NPort Administration Suite (only for NPort Product line!)

Following description from the manual explains the capabilities of the Administration Suite: "NPort Administration Suite is an integrated software suite that bundles NPort Administrator and the IP SerialLibrary, providing everything you need to manage, monitor, and modify your NPort from a remote location.With NPort Administrator, you can easily install and configure your NPort device server over the network.Five different sets of functions are provided to ease the installation process: Configuration, Monitor, PortingMonitor, COM Mapping, and IP Address Report."

--> At the Moment, this product is not well maintained for actualised Windows products, we have had problems reported. Since security has been tightened on Windows products, some features might not work as expected. Therefore, we can not recommend this software and advice you to use Windows Driver Manager and configure the devices on the Web-Console until a new release has been provided.

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