How to save settings permanently on Uport 1xxx and use without Admin rights
Gepostet von Julian Zoelly an 06 November 2020 10:28

There are different solutions for Uports trying to tackle this problem. For the Uport 11xx family, when you install the driver there is a separate tool install to your system where you can save an define your settings so they are preserved when you use the Uport again. It's called Uport 1100 Series Coniguration Tool. The details on how use it are explained in the manual on page 2-15:



For the Uport 12xx, 14xx and 16xx family, there is a function included in the driver that lets you save your preferred settings directly onto the UPort.


These functions are described as well in the manual of the corresponding UPorts on page 2-15, the function is called COM preserver in the manual but not identified as such in the driver.


These are all the possibilities there are for the UPort series.

When you use a Uport 1250 and follow the steps, you can use the device on any port in a user account without administrative rights.

- Log in with Administrative rights

- Open the Driver settings and make your adjustments, click ok and open the driver again.

- Click the "Save" button, you get the message that the configuration has been stored successfully.


- Afterwards, you plug in the device on all USB Ports of my Computer and click the "Restore" button in the driver, the settings previously configured are then restored, click ok.

- If then you log into the computer with a normal user account without admin rights, you can plugin the Uport into all USB Ports and the settings you previously configured are restored on the device automatically.